The Website is Down - What to do next.

So your website is down and you have either had an alert, found out for yourself or most embarrassing of all a customer has called you up to tell you? Morning, noon or night you want it back up as soon as possible, the world wide web never sleeps so neither can your website.

Website Uptime Monitor

Usually only the biggest web companies have the skills in house to manage all server problems which sometimes may go well beyond every day problems that need a simple reset.
Even resetting a server can be difficult depending on your hosting provider and type of hosting.
The most obvious thing is to call your hosting company and find out what the problem is and how to fix it, but if they are closed or you would have to wait on hold for an hour or so you may be looking for a way to get things going again more quickly.

Most hosting providers do provide some level of control panel though, by logging in usually via their website, you will be given a few options and information which may help.

Having logged into the control panel your hosting provider offers you will hopefully be able to see a status for your hosting, if it is showing no problems then check your website again before going any further. If it is showing a problem it may show as something the hosting company are dealing with or something you will have to try and fix. Of course if it says your payment is overdue its time to get out the credit card and hopefully your site should be back up pretty quickly.

Once you have identified the problem you may or may not understand it, if not most bigger hosting companies have online support. The advantage of online support is you can send the error messages you have got and get instructions back which you can save for later and take values from to enter if necessary. Phoning up customer support though is good if you need someone to talk you through things in person and it may of course be something they can fix for you. If you think you know what you are doing without support then go ahead but be sure, online support is usually free and available instantly, while clicking the wrong thing could potentially lose everything you have online.

Still stuck, it may be time to get in a professional, whoever set up the website and the hosting would be good of course or phoning up a premium rate technical support line to talk you things and if they have no idea either a complete reset, wipe  and re-upload may be in order, lets just hope you kept a backup of your website and your latest updates?

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