What is a Web Log Analyser

Web log analysers also known as web log analysis software are a type of web analytics which simply takes a log file from a websites server and then analyses it and presents the data in a useful way.

Website Uptime Monitor

Having the analytics come direct from the server means that a good amount of detail and data can be extracted to give useful information to the webmaster, should they choose to use it.

While some simple systems just give the data in simple format some of the software out there can create a variety of graphs and stats to really show what’s going on on their sites and perhaps whats going wrong and where work is needed to improve traffic flow.

One of the most useful bits of information collected by web log analysers is looking at which pages have the most people coming in and the pages they leave from. Successful pages that have been linked to and have good rankings on Google should be kept and have elements copied while pages loosing visitors need to be analysed for the reasons why. Its even possible to see where they go next, if they are going to a site linked to from the page they visit last then that link may need removing or being set to open in a new tab or window.

Numbers of unique visitors is of course a useful measure as is looking at whether numbers are going up or down, this can help track marketing efforts as can where customers come from, more from search engines may suggest SEO efforts have been successful more from specific websites might show that banners are working well.

The time that most visitors visit is another interesting thing that a web log analyser can show you, if most visitors are coming in on a Sunday evening then they are probably individuals visiting for their own purposes, 9-5 Monday to Friday they are more likely to be visiting for work.

Other useful measures include pageviews, showing you how many pages have been visited in total you can also see this as an average per unique visitor. Knowing which browsers and operating systems are used by visitors can help you optimise your site to ensure it can be used easily by your visitors. Which search engine robots have visited will again show you how well your SEO is working and where your customers are coming from is of course interesting, if you have a lot of traffic from Canada you better make sure you are offering to ship there or else you may be missing an opportunity.

As mentioned earlier it is a matter of actually using this information a lot of people have it and don’t make the most of it some web log analysers make it easy by highlighting the most important information and presenting it in an easy to understand way, checking it regularly can really help you make the most of your site especially if you are spending out on marketing: a web log analyser can help show you which part of your budget is making you money and which is being wasted.

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